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Holiday Sickness

Have you suffered from food poisoning or sickness while travelling to abroad? Speak to our friendly holiday sickness claims legal advisors today or read our guide below and find out if you are legally entitled to compensation. We make sure that you will get compensation and also we ensure that you are happy with our service. For more information or updates contact us. To apply for Holiday Sickness, You just need to fill up the Holiday Sickness claim compensation form and our representative will get into the touch within next working hours.

    Few points about Holiday sickness Claim
  • Reporting the Accident
  • Keep Records of the Medical treatment
  • Taking photographs of anything you think could support your claim such as dirty food, work surfaces, poorly maintained facilities or dirty restaurant.
  • Keeping receipts of all your pocket expenses
  • Writing all records of all your symptoms, so that you have a record of how your illness progressed during your holiday sickness.

How much compensation could I receive for my illness?

If you are thinking about making a holiday sickness claim, you will be wondering how much claim compensation may be legally entitled to. The amount you can claim will depend on the specific details or situation of your injury case and the nature of your personal illness.

Check whether you are eligible for claim or not!!!

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