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Cavity Wall Claim

If cavity wall insulation has damaged your property or you have suffered serious health effects as a result of the brickwork, cause damp, loosen wall ties, and rot any woodwork by poorly fitted Cavity Wall Insulation. Many times, incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation causes water to seep into your homes walls, causing damp on internal walls, which typically manifest as black mould inside your home. If the insurer did not replace your cavity wall insulation, we are here to help you on a no charge, no installation cost, no hidden fees and no cavity wall installation problems.

Who is eligible for a Cavity Wall Insulation Grants??

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon footprint emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

    Role in ECO Scheme
  • Allocating a proportion of targets to cavity wall obligated suppliers
  • Monitoring supplier progress and deciding whether they have achieved their obligations
  • Reporting to the Secretary of State
  • Auditing, ensuring compliance and preventing and detecting fraud
Check whether you are eligible for claim or not!!!

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